Cure Water Systems - Save on bottled water costs
Cure Water Systems - bottled water savings of 50% or more.
Cure Water Systems - Save 50% or more off your bottled water costs.

water filtration systems from cure water systems, inc.

Clean water filtered on demand.Cure Water Systems, located in the heart of Manhattan at 153 West 27th Street was established in 1991 and specializes in hot and cold water filtration systems and bottleless water coolers for commercial and home use.  The company currently services more than 2,000 corporate accounts in New York City and the New York Metropolitan area as well hundreds of additional commercial accounts throughout the continental US.  We also provide water filtration systems to residential customers.  More than 100,000 New Yorkers drink our filtered water daily.

We take a system that resembles a bottled water cooler without the big bottle on top and we install a triple water filtration system on the back of the unit.  This triple water filtration system is NSF certified to take out 99% of lead, 95% of chlorine, 98% of rust and sediment, and more than 99% of cryptosporidum and giandia from your water.  Our bottleless water coolers are available in both countertop and self standing models and can be installed in about an hour.

Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save with Cure Water Systems.

No more bottled water cooler messes.In addition to providing great tasting clean water, Cure Water Systems can save companies 50% and more over their current bottled water expenses.  Plus, by using our water filtration coolers, you will eliminate many of the problems associated with bottled water including:

  • No more lifting or storing heavy water bottles;
  • No more hassles with deposits or fluctuating bills;
  • No more running out of water bottles and waiting days for deliveries.

Instead, our advanced technology will provide you with superior quality drinking water, filtered freshly the day you drink it.

Cure Water Systems can be purchased, leased or rented, and all of our water filtration systems come with a three-year warranty on parts and labor. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.



FREE bottle less water cooler trial offer.FREE bottle less water cooler installation.CALL TODAY AND START SAVING UP TO 50% ON YOUR BOTTLED WATER COSTS!

For more information about our water purification system click here.  To speak directly with a Customer Service Representative, call Cure Water Systems at:
TOLL FREE: 800-475-9338


Remember to ask us about our no-obligation FREE trial period.


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Bottleless Water Coolers and Water Filtration Systems

Everything tastes better with filtered water!
153 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001
Nationwide: 800-475-9338
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bottled water savings of 50% or more
Save on bottled water costs.