Cure Water Systems - Save on bottled water costs
Cure Water Systems - bottled water savings of 50% or more.
Cure Water Systems - Save 50% or more off your bottled water costs.

why filtered water?

Benefits of drinking water that's been purified using our filtered water coolers.

  • clean water is healthy for youGREAT TASTE!
  • SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS! - 50% or more over current bottled water costs.
  • Advanced technology provides you with superior water quality, filtered freshly on demand every day.
  • No more lifting or storing heavy water bottles.
  • No more hassles with bottled water deliveries, deposits, or fluctuating water bills.
  • Never run out of water bottles again.
  • Forget waiting days for deliveries.
  • Three year warranty on parts & labor.

Join the thousands of companies already using Cure Water Systems and saving 50% or more off their current bottled water expenses.

* If found in your drinking water

Features of our water purification process.

  • Triple water filtration systemRemoves over 99% of Lead*
  • Removes over 95% of Chlorine*
  • Over 98% of Rust* and Sediment* are filtered out.
  • Eliminates over 99.99% of cysts (cryptosporidium)*
  • Takes out bad taste and odor*
  • Removes organic chemicals* and much more...

Click here to get more information on our water purification process.



FREE bottleless water cooler trial offerFREE point-of-use bottless water cooler installationCALL TODAY AND START SAVING!

For more information about our bottleless water coolers or for a free office water cooler installation and week long trial call Cure Water Systems at:
TOLL FREE: 800-475-9338 or
IN NYC: 212-807-9338


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Bottleless Water Coolers and Water Filtration Systems

Everything tastes better with filtered water!
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bottled water savings of 50% or more
Save on bottled water costs.