Cure Water Systems - Save on bottled water costs
Cure Water Systems - bottled water savings of 50% or more.
Cure Water Systems - Save 50% or more off your bottled water costs.

Office water cooler

Save money off your bottled water costs and enjoy the best tasting water you've ever had with our installed office water coolers with a triple water filtration system.

At Cure Water Systems, we can install an office water cooler or water filter on any sink in your office in under an hour.  You can select from self standing or counter top water coolers that look just like a standard bottled water cooler but without the water bottle on top or the headaches associated with them.

Call today and get your office water cooler with our triple water filtration system installed immediately!
800-475-9338 or 212-807-9338 in Manhattan

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Our water purification system is exactly like the one we use for commercial applications.  It consists of a sediment pre-filter combined with CoolerMate's™ CM-2 Lead Cyst water filters creating a triple water filtration system.  This water filtration and treatment system is like having a "mini water treatment plant" in your office.  When used in combination like this, you not only get great tasting water, but you also extend the service life to the overall system.


  • You'll Save Money - Filtered water is as much as 10 times less expensive then bottled water.
  • It's Good for You - Water is healthy for your body and your mind. Our bottleless office water coolers help eliminate unwanted chemicals and particulates, so not only does your water taste better, it actually is better for you.
  • It Tastes Great - Our water purification system removes all of the "bad stuff" and leaves you with great tasting water all the time. If your water tastes great you'll be more inclined to drink more water.
  • No More Back Problems - Money is not the only thing you save when you install our office water filtration system.  You also save your poor back because you never again have to lug those heavy bottles around or waste space storing them full/or empty.
  • It's so convenient - Whether you choose our undersink model or one of our bottleless water coolers, you'll always have fresh clean water available to you whenever you want it.  Never run out of drinking water again.
  • NSF certified - The technology behind our water filtration system has been tested and certified by NSF International, for the removal and reduction of cysts, lead, particulate, bad taste, odor and chlorine, leaving great tasting purified drinking water.  So, how come your bottled water isn't certified?
  • Easy to Maintain - All our installations are tracked using a computerized tracking system that assures your filters are changed on time and without any trouble.
Enjoy filtered water for:
Make Ice with filtered water Coffee and tea with filtered water.
  • Drinking water
  • Sparkling clear ice
  • Delicious coffee & tea

Join the thousands of office workers already using an office water cooler from Cure Water Systems and saving 50% or more off their current bottled water expenses.


"everything tastes better with filtered water!"

Call today and get your office water cooler installed immediately!
800-475-9338 or 212-807-9338 in NYC

For more information about our water purification system click here.  To speak with a Customer Service Representative, call Cure Water Systems at:
TOLL FREE: 800-475-9338 or
IN NEW YORK CITY: 212-807-9338


Remember to ask us about our no-obligation FREE trial period.

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Bottleless Water Coolers and Water Filtration Systems

Everything tastes better with filtered water!
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bottled water savings of 50% or more
Save on bottled water costs.