Cure Water Systems - Save on bottled water costs
Cure Water Systems - bottled water savings of 50% or more.
Cure Water Systems - Save 50% or more off your bottled water costs.


Get clean, great tasting water from our filtered water coolers.

The technology behind our drinking water filtration systems has been tested and certified by NSF International, for the removal and reduction of cysts, lead, particulate, bad taste, odor and chlorine, leaving great tasting purified water for drinking and cooking.

Call us now at 800-475-9338 or for a FREE trial offer and to start saving 50% or more off your bottled water costs.

We start with CoolerMate™ CM-2 Lead Cyst water filters.  Then we add a sediment pre-filter to the CM-2 water filter to create a triple water filtration system.  When used in combination like this you not only get great tasting water, but you also generate extra service life to the overall system. Where heavy sediment is present year round, particularly in New York City and the surrounding boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island, this is especially important. In essence, with this triple filtration and treatment system you have created a "mini water treatment plant" which attaches to any of our bottleless water coolers and directly to your plumbing. This "mini water treatment plant" converts NYC's already famous drinking water into a purified high quality drinking water.

Let our cost savings calculator can show you how to save!

Join the thousands of companies already using Cure Water Systems and saving 50% or more off their current bottled water expenses using filtered water.

* If found in your drinking water
  • Removes over 99% of Lead*
  • Removes over 95% of Chlorine*
  • Over 98% of Rust* and Sediment* are filtered out.
  • Eliminates over 99.99% of cysts (cryptosporidium)*
  • Takes out bad taste and odor*
  • Removes organic chemicals*
  • No Mess system has patented Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridges for easy change out with no tools, spills or contamination.

Our drinking water purification systems have attained a Class 1 rating for both the removal and reduction of dirt and rust, as well as bad tastes or odors from your drinking water under NSF's Standard 42 (Aesthetics Effects).  Under NSF'd Standard 53 (Health Effects), our water treatment systems have been tested and documented to remove Cysts (cryptosporidium, as an example), at 99.9%. This is in addition to the previously mentioned Aesthetic Effects of Standard 42.


Free bottleless water cooler trial offer.Free bottleless water cooler installationCALL TODAY AND START SAVING UP TO 50% ON YOUR BOTTLED WATER COSTS!

For more information about our water filtration system please click here or call Cure Water Systems at:
TOLL FREE: 800-475-9338


Remember to ask us about our no-obligation FREE trial period.

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Everything tastes better with filtered water!
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bottled water savings of 50% or more
Save on bottled water costs.